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New-world princess

"But dreams do come true. And maybe something wonderful will happen."

[sticky post]Welcome!
Looking for fanworks? Head on over to my AO3! I also have ficofandalasia, but it is now more outdated!

My usual haunts:

Work on this journal is generally rougher than on my fic account.

Mostly an excuse for my list of Disney Kink Femslash Prompts.

Mars pictures
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Life Built on Snow and Ashes Master/Chat Post
For drafting, and mostly for rambling.

Dear YCDTIF Scribbler
Hello! I'm super psyched for this exchange, and delighted to have you as my writer.

I'm almost impossible to squick, so feel free to go wild! Anything from fluff to smut to horror is totally fine with me.


Aladdin: The Animated Series

I discovered Aladdin: The Animated Series relatively recently, and absolutely adored it. Any sort of 'case-fic' in the style of an episode would be awesome, especially if there were some sort of Ancient Arabian R&L reference or a Thousand and One Nights feel.

Over favourite episodes that I would love to see something related to, either a coda or an alternate POV or a post-episode with the characters reflecting on things:
⚬ The Garden of Evil - I'm fascinated with the Beauty and the Beast elements of this, and Jasmine's POV on the whole thing.
⚬ Forget Me Lots - Possibly my favourite episode, because it plays with things in such a way that Jasmine is dark but still identifiably Jasmine. Anything related to this, be it canonverse or an AU or anything, really, would make my year!
⚬ Seems Like Old Crimes - Aladdin's backstory here is really nice to see.
⚬ A Sultan Worth His Salt - One of my favourite parts of this is the Sultan standing up for himself and, even better, being a BAMF in his own right! The Sultan saving the day was great.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

I am, I must admit, an absolute sucker for Korrasami, but I also love the characters separately or together. Jinora also fascinates me as the eldest Airbender child and because of her maturity and conscientiousness.

Possible prompts:
⚬ Pre-series, Korra learning water- or earthbending, or her early days of firebending training. Young, brash Korra was really fun to see.
⚬ Conversely, Korra working through her issues in season four is something that really resonates with me. Pretty much anything set in this period would make me happy.
⚬ Asami and Korra and their correspondence in the three years.
⚬ Asami as a businesswoman
⚬ Asami experiencing the spirit world with Korra - either Korrasami, or focused on Asami's experience of it
⚬ Korrasami smut
⚬ Post-series, Korra and Asami getting used to being more in each other's worlds - Asami learning to be the "partner of the Avatar" and Korra learning to move in the business/better-off circles as "Asami's partner" who is part of that world rather than the Avatar who is completely above it
⚬ Jinora growing into her role as a future leader of the Air Temple
⚬ A younger Jinora, pre-series or early in the series, and her early experiences with her airbending and realising in herself that she is that powerful

Steven Universe (Cartoon)

Oh my god, Steven Universe. Where do I even begin?! I totally binge-watched this programme when I discovered it, and I'm loving the Stevenbombs. I'm particularly fascinated by the underlying darker sides, the more alien/fantasy elements, and especially how normalised they are to the Gems. The alien-in-human-skin (ish) is like catnip to me, and the fantastic number and variety of female characters is great.

⚬ Pearl - she was the first of the gems that I really fell in love with, back during "Coach Steven" when she talks about how she wants to be strong for him. I love her insecurities, her determination, her desire to become more than she was 'meant' to be. I love her almost poetic turns of phrase ("Rose made me feel like I was everything," so beautifully delivered by the VA.) and the wall that she builds up and which we have seen break on several occasions. Anything which explores this sense of her being something for Steven which she worries that she isn't would be amazing. I also love her swordfighting, and anything about her training in that, or what it means to her, is totally up my alley.

⚬ Ruby, Sapphire - I went in spoiled that Garnet was a fusion, so it was great spotting the early hints! But I particularly love these two separately (they almost balance each other out too well! I love their issues). For Sapphire, what is it like living in the present while seeing the future? What was it like in "The Answer" to go off her script? She's a great character to explore determinism and free will. For Ruby, what is it like to be beside Sapphire during that? What was it like to be the one to force them off-script? Compared to having other Rubies around, was it different to be with the Crystal Gems and be the only Ruby, to suddenly be unique as a gem but also to be the only one? If you want to go shippy with these two, what is it like for them to separate now, having had so much experience of being Garnet - can there be a bit of a thrill and a novelty about it?

⚬ Peridot - somehow I love the brat. She comes in like your racist cousin that embarrasses you at the family gathering, but she learns so much and comes so far that it makes her delightful. I love watching her learn both about the human world and about what is to her ancient gem history! As a result, there's so much to do with her. Honestly, I would gladly read 1,000 words of Peridot trying to figure out random human items in the bathroom! But I'm also intrigued by her knowledge of the cluster, how she's come round to trusting the Crystal Gems.

⚬ Lapis Lazuli - I have a love for characters who don't look threatening but who wield this huge, potentially deadly power, so that got me interested in Lapis straight away. To see her being somewhat bitter, and occasionally kind of an asshole, in the first episodes of season three just made her all the more interesting because it's something that I'm not sure people are always allowed to be. She's been through a lot, and she's a good person after it but not always nice. She's out of sync with gem and human technology, even more of a fish out of water than Peridot is, but her fear and despair pre-Malachite have hardened since. I'd love to see that development in her, or really something set in any time period during the series would be fantastic.

Plot Ideas from the UCG
These are the most intriguing summaries I've come across on the Unconventional Courtship Generator. Disney Princesses plus cheesy romance novel descriptions? Awesome.

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A Selection of Disney Recs
So, I figured that maybe I should put together a list of some of my favourite fics and recs that are out there. This isn't meant to be exhaustive! Disney fandom is awesomely huge, and I only tend to see certain parts of it, at that. But without further ado, let's hit the recs!

This is always a work in progress, and new ones will probably be added with time.

Trust Me
Aladdin/Mulan, Jasmine/Fa Mulan
The AU where Genie really did make Aladdin a Prince, and Jasmine and Mulan meet, team up and save the day in the ensuing adventure. Adventure, action, fantasy, friendship. Minor femslash, minor het.

A Glass Moon
Bambi/The Little Mermaid, Ariel/Faline, Eric/OFC
Post-movie, Ariel begins to realise that she feels for women the way she should feel for men. Well-characterised, tentative, fluffy and sensuous both at once. Lovely writing. Romance, fantasy, character-centric. Femslash, minor het.

Picture This
Beauty and the Beast, Belle/Gaston
A fic which develops them to get them together (and happily!) without breaking their characters. Some great moments, and characterisation which is complex and wonderful. Romance, mundane, worldbuilding. Het.

No Prince Charming
Enchanted, Giselle/Nancy.
AU where Nancy is the one who rescues Giselle. Sassy, fun and with a great voice. Romance, humor. Femslash.

Frozen, Anna/Elsa (unrelated)
Elsa is the warrior Ice Queen of the Southern Isles, adopted by the King and enthroned at age 16. After conquering Arendelle, she takes Anna as hostage and advisor both. Plotty and well-developed. Fantasy, adventure, romance, magic, mild horror. Femslash.

Through Ice and Shadows
Frozen/Rise of the Guardians, Elsa/Jack, Elsa/Pitch Black
Elsa is a winter spirit, the Snow Queen, taken in by Pitch Black when her world seemed bleakest. Jack does his best to bring her back. Magic, adventure, romance, magic. Het.

Hercules, Hercules/Megara
Darkfic. The story is all in Herc's head, and Megara is an unwilling participant in his fantasy. Modern AU, mundane, horror, psychological thriller. Het.

Black Velvet
The Little Mermaid, Ariel/Eric, implied Ariel/Ursula
Modern AU. Ariel is a country girl longing for the big city, but when Ursula offers to help it is only to make Ariel an exotic dancer in her club. Romance, dark, mundane, worldbuilding. Het.

The River Serpant
Mulan, Mulan-centric
Darkfic. Mulan protects China from the Huns even beyond the grave. Fantasy, magic, adventure. Gen.

Once Upon a Nightmare
Sleeping Beauty, Aurora-centric
True Love's Kiss doesn't quite work out, and Aurora has to break her own curse. Adventure, family, magic. Gen.

Elsa/Noor Masterpost

My Major Ships
Hi there! This is largely babbling to myself, but if you're really interested in what I ship, feel free to keep reading.

If I ever get the confidence to do ship manifestos, these are the sort of pairings that I might do them for.

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Let It Flow [Filk; Elsa Has Water Powers]
The waves break white on the foreshore tonight,
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of sand and driftwood
And it looks like I'm the Queen.
The sea is roaring like this maelstrom that's inside.
Couldn't keep it in; heaven knows I tried.

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Disney_Kink Femmeslash Prompts
2014 - 8/8 Filled!
2015 - 4/4 Filled!

2016 - Open
1) Jessie/Mulan: Western AU.
2) Elsa/Judy Hopps: You've Got Mail AU, both are recently single and go from bookstore rivals to lovers.
3) Ariel/Moana: Canonverse or modern AU. For modern - surfer Moana, paralympics swimmer Ariel?
4) Merida/F: She falls for a suitor's sister, or /Astrid Hofferson
5) F!Maui/Moana: Anything.
6) Any/Any (maybe Elsa/Merida?): Royalty introduces commoner girlfriend to the good life, leading to hedonism, gluttony, drunkenness, etc. Stomach rubs and/or drunken touching/sex
7) Anna/Elsa: Elsa's and Anna's parents didn't really die at sea. They survived but didn't come back home until after Frozen Fever because of something something. Elsa and Anna have been in a romantic relationship for a while now. Being reunited with their parents causes issues with their relationship. *Enter incest guilt, parents wanting them to get married without realizing their relationship, general angst, secret relationship angst, etc here*
8) Human!Ariel/Ursula: Size kink
9) Esmeralda/Pocahontas: Crossover or AU
10) Aurora/Maleficent: Something darker
11) Cinderella/Lady Tremaine: Something darker

[Spoiler (click to open)]101 DALMATIONS
Anita/Cruella: Cruella takes a liking to her new intern, they compliment each other.

F!Aladdin/Jasmine: Female Aladdin, anything.
Jasmine/Sadira: Sadira sends a love potion at Aladdin but it hits the wrong person.
Jasmine/Sadira: Friendship or femmeslash, Sadira is raised in the Palace as Jasmine's friend.
Aladdin/Mozenrath, Jasmine/Sadira:High school au, Aladdin and Jasmine as the golden couple broken up by Mozenrath and Sadira.
Aladdin/M and Jasmine/F: They realise they are gay, stay friends and set each other up on dates.

Alice/Queen of Hearts: Erotically creative use of croquet mallet flamingos and hedgehog balls.
Alice/Queen of Hearts: The Queen gives Alice wine then pleasures/corrupts her.
Alice/Flowers: The flowers 'deflower' her.

Audrey/Kida: First moves, start of the relationship

F!Beast/Belle: Anything, seeing Beast as both beast and human.
Belle/Bimbettes: The Bimbettes are Belle's fangirls instead.
The Bimbettes/Gaston/LeFou: The Bimbettes experiment with each other, Gaston and LeFou watch.

Trans girl Hiro.
Latina Honey Lemon.
Gogo/Honey Lemon: Honey gets playful revenge and sticks Gogo in place.

Maudie/Any: Someone has a chubby-kink.


Abby Mallard/Foxy Loxy: Anything.

Anastasia/Cinderella/Drizella: Cinderella dominates them in bed.
Cinderella/Lady Tremaine: Punishment
Cinderella/Lady Tremaine: Hatesex after Cinderella's wedding.
Cinderella/Lady Tremaine: Spanking.
Cinderella/F!Prince: Femslash with bonus points for Prince still looking non-traditionally feminine.


(Reason & Emotion) Emotion/Reason: Either M!Reason/M!Emotion or F!Reason/F!Emotion.

Zara/Any: Canon Zara backstory, any pairing.

Giselle/Many: Slut!Giselle, as long as she doesn't kiss anyone, it doesn't matter what else she does.

Anna/Elsa: Incest, their true love was a little more than sisterly, a bit angsty.
Anna/Elsa: Incest, iceplay, consensual mildly kinky smut fluff.
Anna/Elsa: Elsa is an adorable bottom in and out of the bedroom.
Anna/Elsa: Elsa's touch chills Anna to the bone, so why does she keep coming back for more?
Anna/Elsa: Elsa doesn't need to hide her powers; what tears her apart is that she's in love with Anna.
Anna/Elsa: Incest or AU, Elsa knows what she wants and Anna is desperate for affection.
Anna/Elsa: Incest, ageplay, Anna misses her mom so Elsa steps up.
Anna/Elsa: Elsa makes an ice dildo to pop her and/or Anna's cherries.
Anna/Elsa: Elsa shows why she's dangerous, Anna sort of likes it. Dubcon.
Anna/Elsa: Castor & Pollux AU, Elsa is immortal but Anna is not.
Anna/Elsa: Game of Frozen, Elsa is Coming.
Anna/Elsa: Temperature play
Anna/Elsa: Married couple, dom Anna
Gen or Anna/Elsa: Elsa is a special needs child, her parents lock her away, only Anna can help.
Anna/F!Kristoff: Female Kristoff, Anna falls for her anyway.
Anna/Any: Taking advantage of the fact that underwear at the time was in two pieces.
Elsa/OFC: Elsa paired with tumblr character Queen Noor, hijabi Queen with fire powers.
Elsa/F: Asylum AU, Songfic (I Don't Understand - Emilie Autumn), mental patient/photographer
Elsa/Any: Elsa retains her ice palace at the North Mountain as a secret getaway for sexual liaisons.
Elsa/Any: Dark!dom!Elsa.
Elsa(/Any): Elsa's powers are hereditary, she supports her child(ren)
Elsa(/Any): Modern AU, non-magic, LGBT Elsa, supportive Anna
Elsa/Other: Elsa makes an ice construct to sexually explore.
Elsa/Everyone: Elsa takes advantage of being able to touch, clothing-optional palace.
Elsa/Various: Anna tries to set Elsa up with various princesses, Elsa falls for a non-princess instead.
Elsa: In the dungeon, clothed but shackled, waiting to be dommed.
Elsa: Foot fetish.
Elsa: Trans female Elsa, supportive Anna, preferaby historical setting.
Elsa: Trans Elsa, femslash optional.
Arthurian AU, Anna is Arthur and Elsa is Morgan Le Fay/Morgana.
Elsa as Carrie (by Stephen King).
Angsty Onion!Elsa leading to her villainry

Sheela na gig.

Stacey learned five things from dating Bobby, one of which is that she's gay

Mabel/Any: Major milestones in Mabel’s life happen in Gravity Falls.

Meg/Any: Ass fetish/ass worship.

Genderbend, Frollo was born female.
Esmeralda/F!Frollo: Inspired by Sweet Poffin's cover of "Hellfire".

Bob/Helen/Mirage. Bob and/or Helen go to thank Mirage for her help.

Riley/Any: Riley gets a new emotion, lust.

Kim/Shego: Kim decides to relieve some stress at home after a long day, Shego is watching and finishes her off.
Kim/Shego: It's good to be bad, bondage, biting, rough sex.

Lady/Peg: Femslash remix.

Anything with a "haunted" house.
Lilo/Mertle: Enemies with benefits.
Lilo/Mertle: They don't realize why they bicker until high school, mixed feelings, confusion, angst, hurt/comfort, smut.
Lilo/Mertle: Hatesex.
Lilo/Mertle: Animosity becomes sexual tension; in a fight, one kisses the other.

Kiara/Vitani: Kiara knows it's wrong, but...
Kiara: Being BAMF Queen of the Pridelands
Shenzi/F: Futa!Shenzi/any female character

Any, voice kink
Ariel/Melody: Ariel teaches Melody how to get pleasure from her fins.
Ariel/Sisters: They're tired of Ariel being a brat and teach her a lesson, bondage.
Ariel/Ursula: Tentacles, she would give her two legs in exchange for two things, her voice and her virginity.
Melody and Ursula meet.
Morgana/Melody: As payment for the mermaid spell, or 'winning her over from mommy dearest.'
Triton's Daughters: They experiment with each other

Moana/Any: Tattoo kink

Claire Wheeler/Any of the PNK Girls: Sex in exchange for favours, school politics, complicated.
PNK/Everyone: The girls of PNK are the campus whores.
Any/Any: Genderbending, female monsters, something lighthearted.
Any/Any: A first date for an unusual couple.
Humans disguising themselves as monsters.

Mulan/F: Mulan copies the men and flirts with the girls, something gets serious.
Mulan/F: Brothel fun, Ping has an encounter on the way to the Tung Shao Pass.
A Girl Worth Fighting For, instead of bringing the song to a halt Mulan's ready with some good verses.

Tiger Lily/Wendy: Wendy wanted to be a mother and Tiger Lily a leader, they never expected to want each other.
Tinker Bell/Wendy: Tinker Bell uses Wendy's erect nipple as a dildo.
Tinker Bell/Wendy: Wendy is shrunk to fairy size, Tinker Bell admits attraction.
Tinker Bell/Wendy: The Wendy Bird is captured.

Candace/Vanessa: Candace has a mental breakdown after not busting her brothers, Vanessa is the only one she can be around.

Nakoma/Pocahontas: Modern AU, friends to lovers

Charlotte/Tiana: AU, Charlotte makes a deal with the Shadowman, in the course of fixing it, she and Tiana fall in love.
Charlotte/Tiana: Weight gain, feeding/stuffing, clothes ripping, embarrassment and light teasing by Charlotte with an obese Tiana.
Charlotte/Tiana: Charlotte starts drastically dieting, hurt/comfort,Tia thinks Lottie is perfect the way she is.
Charlotte/Tiana: Dressing up kink.
Charlotte/Tiana: Dress-up, magnolias, tulle.
Charlotte/Tiana: Charlotte realises her Princess Charming has been there all along.
Picture based, Tiana bails Charlotte out of jail, possible Tiana/Charlotte.

Ashley Quinlan/Spinelli: Hate/love relationship.

Female Robin Hood who disguises herself as a man. Bonus for Marian/f!Robin

Aurora: Song prompt: "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry.
Aurora/Maleficent: Maleficent kidnaps Aurora, conditions her using orgasms.
Aurora/Maleficent: Maleficent finds her in the forest, she uses her age and charm to seduce her into a willing pet.
Aurora/Maleficent: Destiny, fate, change, display.
Aurora/Maleficent: Aurora gets Maleficent to sit in a vibrating chair and read to her.
Aurora/Maleficent, Leah/Maleficent: Leah and Maleficent used to be lovers, Leah is married off but falls for Stefan, years later Maleficent returns to find Aurora beautiful
Aurora/Any: Her beauty and song put people into a trance; it's hard to say 'no'.
Fauna/Flora/Merryweather: Schmoopy, domestic, romantic threesome.
Fauna/Flora/Merryweather: Threesome, crack
Maleficent/Merryweather: Secret.
Three Good Fairies: Their background with Maleficent

Evil Queen/Snow White: The Queen takes Snow's virginity with a strap-on.
Snow White/Various: The Evil Queen makes Snow White a public-use sex slave.
Snow White: Barbarian princess Snow White

Roleswap, the Disney princesses are children and the Sofia the First characters are adults.

"Eugenia"/Stabbington Sister: Genderbend, sloppy lesbian makeouts
Gothel/The Queen: They flirt, get close, eventually have sex, the Queen not even suspecting that she's the woman who kidnapped her daughter.
Gothel/Rapunzel: "Mother knows best."
Gothel/Rapunzel: After Flynn leaves, Mother Gothel does more than comfort Rapunzel
Gothel/Rapunzel: Non-con/hatesex, fisting, hair bondage, forced orgasms
Gothel/Rapunzel: If they did just leave Flynn to die.
Gothel/Rapunzel: Virginity-checking
Gothel/Rapunzel: Gothel has a long-hair fetish
Gothel/Rapunzel: Gothel comforting or manipulating Rapunzel
Gothel/Rapunzel: Sexual gratification from the bondage at the end of the movie
Gothel/Rapunzel: She likes her mom's boobies a bit too much.
Gothel/Rapunzel: Gothel teaches Rapunzel how to pleasure herself.

Jane/F!Tarzan: Tarzan is female, she still ends up with Jane, femslash.
Jane/Terk: Terk spies on Jane in the bath
Jane's time in the jungle left her a bit odd, exhibitionism.

Chloe/Glimmer: Chloe convinces Glimmer to go to the Mainland and Glimmer discovers she'd go anywhere for Chloe.
Chloe/Rosetta: Pixie Hollow Games, celebrating their victory.
Clarion/F!Milori: If Milori were female.
Fawn/Nyx: Anything
Glimmer/Rosetta: Pixie Hollow Games, Rosetta thanking Glimmer for not letting Rumble cheat his way to victory.
Prilla/Vidia: Prilla teaches Vidia there are times when being the fastest isn't the best choice.
Prilla/Female: Sweet, maybe some fluffy smut
Tinkerbell &/Periwinkle: Now that they can heal their wings, they start taking stupid risks or even breaking their wings on purpose.
Tinkerbell/Periwinkle: Any.
Tinkerbell/Silvermist: Smut, some mention of nectar.
Tinkerbell/Vidia: Fluff, affectionate friends-turned-lovers, Vidia still finds Tinkerbell's magnetism for trouble bothersome.
Tinker Bell/Any: Tink is a selfish lover, needs to be corrected
Any Minister/Minister: Smut.
F/F and Bobble/Clank: I just really, really want cute peeks into different Never Fairy relationships.

Barbie/Barbie/Ken: Post-TS3, a new Barbie arrives at Sunnyside, TS!Barbie gets jealous but they work it out.
Barbie/Bo/Jessie: Girl time
Bo Peep/Jessie: Dirty talk.
Buzz/Jessie: Roleplay as Mrs. Nesbit, "femslash", submissive Buzz.
Buzz/Woody & BoPeep/Jessie: Fluff, any setting.
Buzz/Woody & BoPeep/Jessie: Sitcom style AU.
Jessie/F: Femslash smut
Molly/Any: Molly discovers Andy's toys are more fun than she thought.
Emily/Jessie & Buzz/Jessie: Human AU, Jessie meets Buzz and struggles with falling for him because of her previous loss, her partner Emily.
Post-TS3 or TS3 AU, the toys end up with an orphaned or foster child.
Andy finds out the toys are alive.

F!Jim/Tentacle Alien: Frustrated Jim, dub-con tentacles turn con.

Betty Boop/Jessica: Betty totally had a crush on Jessica

Taffyta/Vanellope: Taffyta is willing to do anything Vanellope wants to make up for how she treated her, Vanellope takes full advantage of this.
Taffyta/Vanellope: Angry sex.
Older!Vanellope/Any: Vanellope is in a relationship and asks Calhoun for sex advice.
Any: Non/dub-con, violence, possible cannibalism, Vanellope punishes the racers, feeds them aphrodisiac, beats them up and possibly partly eats them.

Judy/Any: "Like bunnies"; Judy's lover fears they won't be able to keep up


[Spoiler (click to open)]
101 Dalmatians/The Rescuers: Cruella/Medusa: They trade beauty tips
101 Dalmatians/Madagascar 3: Cruella de Vil/Chantel Dubois: Petplay, bonus for humiliation
Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast: Belle/Jasmine: Maurice gets to the fair, allows Belle to travel the world, she ends up in Agrabah and meets Jasmine there.
Aladdin/Mulan: Jasmine/Mulan: Mulan is a highwaywoman, Jasmine is the woman of the Regency whose carriage gets waylaid.
Aladdin/The Princess and the Frog: Jasmine/Tiana: Diplomacy, royalty.
Aladdin/Sleeping Beauty: Aladdin/Mozenrath and Aurora/Maleficent: Mozenrath goes to introduce Aladdin to his mother Maleficent, doesn't expect to meet his new stepmother Aurora.
Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan: Alice/Wendy: Anything
Atlantis/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Kida: Ariel finds Atlantis and falls in love with Kida
Atlantis/The Little Mermaid: Something lewd and sweet, mermaid!Ariel, pre-Milo!Kida
Beauty and the Beast/Brave: Belle/Merida: Steampunk, researcher Belle goes on a journey with adventurer Merida
Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Belle: Picture prompt
Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Belle: Different, library, stories, education, illuminated
Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Belle: Belle teaches Ariel about humans, lessons take a smutty turn
Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Bimbettes: Muscular!Ariel shows up Gaston and pulls the Bimbettes.
Beauty and the Beast/Sleeping Beauty: Belle/Maleficent: Maleficent likes independent, cultured women, and Belle is used to seeing the good in people.
Beauty and the Beast/Any: Belle and the Musketeers
Beauty and the Beast/Anastasia: Belle/Anya: Belle sets out to find the lost princess and ends up falling for her.
Brave/Moana: Merida/Moana: Anything
Brave/Mulan: Merida/Mulan: While in Scotland disguised as Ping, Mulan catches the eye of the king's beautiful daughter, Merida
Brave/Mulan: Merida/Mulan: Inspired by the OUAT crossover
Brave/Tangled: Merida/Rapunzel: The wisps lead Merida to Rapunzel's tower, they bond and fall in love.
Brave/Tangled: Merida/Rapunzel: Merida plays the guitar for Rapunzel
Brave/Toy Story: Jessie/Merida: Anything shippy.
Brave/Adventure Time: Merida/Marceline: Anything.
Brave/How To Train Your Dragon: Merida/Astrid: Mercenary Astrid comes to the court of Queen Merida, respect becomes something more.
Brave/Inuyasha: Merida/Kagome: Princess Merida and Kagome meet and fall in love over an archery competition.
Brave/The Secret of Kells: Merida/Aisling: Aisling is the spirit of the forest, she sees a lot of Merida and falls in love with her as she did another redhead.
Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty: Aurora/Cinderella: They meet at Charming's ball, friendship or femslash
Cinderella/Kingdom Hearts: Cinderella/Aqua: Protectiveness, chivalry, Aqua as Cinderella's knight
Cinderella/Kingdom Hearts: Cinderella/Aqua (or Cinderella/Ventus): During Birth By Sleep, size difference.
Descendants/Evil After High: Various, characters from the two settings meet.
Fantasia/Any: Centaurette/F: A princess or heroine stumbles across the centaurettes.
Frozen/Moana: Elsa and Moana meet
Frozen/Finding Nemo: Dory & Elsa: Art prompt. [Art]
Frozen/Hunchback of Notre Dame: Elsa/Esmeralda: Elsa is Frollo's ward, he makes her fear her powers, one day she sneaks out.
Frozen/Sleeping Beauty/Wreck-It Ralph: Calhoun/Elsa/Maleficent: Anything, smut a bonus.
Frozen/Tangled: Possible Elsa/Rapunzel: Rapunzel helps Elsa comes to terms with her sexuality
Frozen/Tangled: Anna/Elsa/Rapunzel: Rapunzel is their cousin, they are more than just sisters, incestuous threeway
Frozen/Tangled: Elsa/Rapunzel: Infidelity, sadomasochism, Rapunzel's healing powers mean Elsa can strike her with ice.
Frozen/Any: Elsa/F: Elsa is not the only elemental princess.
Frozen/Various: Elsa/Various: Harem!AU, she holds kingdoms hostage and demands a young woman as payment
Frozen/ASOIAF or Game of Thrones: Elsa/Margaery Tyrell: Anything.
Frozen/Oglaf: Snow Queen Elsa needs to come before winter can end, only Anna is smart enough to figure out how.
Frozen/Overwatch: Elsa/Mei: Mei is defrosted, a relationship develops.
Hercules/The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda/Megara: Flirting with suggestive undertones or all-out smut.
Hercules/The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda/Megara: Megara and Esmeralda fall in love with each other.
Hercules/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Meg: Anything
The Hunchback of Notre Dame/The Lion King/Revolutionary Girl Utena: Esmeralda/Female!human!Scar/Anthy Himemiya: Threesome, sassy, passive-aggressive, tan, green-eyed lesbians.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame/The Little Mermaid: Ariel/Esmeralda: Anything, with smut
The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Pocahontas: Esmeralda/Pocahontas: Anything
The Hunchback of Notre Dame/The Swan Princess: Esmeralda/Odette: Black Swan AU with Odette as Nina and Esmeralda as Lily.
The Incredibles/Kim Possible: Shego/Mirage: Mirage's attraction to power has led her to many beds, but only one worth remembering.
The Incredibles/Despicable Me: Violet/Margo: Violet saves Margo, who falls for her
The Incredibles/Teen Titans: Violet/Raven: Raven helps Violet adjust to the Teen Titans
The Lion King/Revolutionary Girl Utena: Human AU, art, a human!Zira and human!female!Scar as a duelist and rose bride respectively. [Art]
Lilo and Stitch/Return to Neverland/Wreck-It Ralph: Lilo/Jane: Lilo & Vanellope are best friends, Jane moves to town, Lilo & Jane fall for each other, Vanellope tries to get them together.
The Little Mermaid/Mulan: Ariel/Mulan: Picture prompt
The Little Mermaid/Tang;ed: Ariel/Rapunzel: Freedom, hair, new, water
The Little Mermaid/Hotel Transylvania: Ariel/Mavis: It was never about one human. It was the whole idea of humans.
The Little Mermaid/POTC4: Ursula/Syrena: Ursula agrees to save the injured Philip at a cost
Micky and the Beanstalk/Mulan: Harp/Mulan: Mulan trades for magical beans, ends up climbing a beanstalk, and meets the harp.
Moana/Any: Moana/Any Princess: Crossover femslash!
Mulan/Peter Pan: Mulan/Mermaids: The mermaids flirt with 'Ping'
Mulan/Avatar/Overwatch: Mulan/Mei/Any: Differences meant to be settled through battle, turns to passion instead.
Mulan/The Swan Princess: Mulan/Odette: Anything, fanvid inspired.
Pocahontas/Tarzan: Jane/Pocahontas: While exploring the jungle, Jane meets a dark-skinned goddess
Recess/Hey Arnold: Spinelli/Helga: A childhood game goes further than expected
Return to Neverland/Toy Story: Jane/Jessie: Jessie was Jane's hero, when she loses faith she turns into a doll and meets Jessie, angst, snark, eventual romance.
Sleeping Beauty/Snow White: Aurora/Snow White: Vampire!Aurora charms naive Snow White
Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent: Character(s) from Sleeping Beauty meet their Maleficent counterparts.
The Sword in the Stone/Any: Madame Mim/Any: Madame Mim paired with a more serious villain.
Tangled/Repo! The Genetic Opera: Rapunzel/Shilo: Anything.
Tinker Bell/Maleficent: Maleficent/Vidia: They become friends, Vidia wants more but Maleficent is troubled.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit/Cool World: Anything
Wreck-It Ralph/Any: Five times Tamora Calhoun was annoyed by the Disney Princesses and one time she was not.


Disney high school AU
Art, school uniforms or summer beach
Spanking, punishment by teacher
Crack, Glee club AU.
Horror/mystery AU, characters in a hotel with a masked killer.
Demonic possession
Song prompt: "Howl" by Florence + The Machine
Song prompt: “I'll Dream Alone” by the Magnetic Fields
Song prompt: The Magnetic Field's "69 Love Songs" series
Song prompt: Concept Album “Hadestown”
Any/Any: The woman was sheltered, her attraction to the man wears off.
Princesses: Disney Princess Orgy
Female villains: Any, any kink
Any/Female: Tentacles, all access points used
Any: Unrequited love, happy ending
Villain/Hero(ine): Seduction to the dark side
Any Princess: Pregnancy kink
Any: One character struggling with addiction, the other comforting them
Villain/Heroine: Treating the heroine like their bitch, frantic, dirty, sweaty
Any: Weight gain/feeder
Any: "File it in a vial of denial and cast it away."
Any/Any: The male in a canon couple dies, eventually their adult children prod the mourning widow to try to find love again.
Romeo and Juliet, with lesbians.
F/F: Forced masculinisation, Sub is a girly-girl; domme forcibly makes her butch up/bind/pack, sub is secretly turned on by it.
(Oglaf crossover) A royal couples visits the next kingdom, which belongs to The Mistress and/or the Xoan Ambassador, sexy hilarity ensues.
Marceline has a thing for royal women, she sleeps her way through the Disney princesses.
Any: Oglaf comic inspired, "Why do you weep, naked stranger?" "A terrible witch has turned me into a slut!"
An AU based on the TV show Supernatural, with any two Disney leading ladies as the Winchesters.
Villain/Other: Any villain as a vampire, corrupting and toying with their prey, paired with someone good.
Princess/Any: One night stand, seduced by a stranger.
Disney lady orgy, fanart based.
Any/Any: Femslash, during BDSM one girl safewords out and the other moves to comfort her.
Any/Any: BDSM!AU setting, secretly vanilla love interest, trope reversal.
Any/Any: Watersports
Any/Any: A couple tries out a kink, it doesn't work out, they figure things out and cuddle afterwards.
Any/Any: Emetophilia. Feel free to include stuffing as well.
Walking Dead AU, a character wakes from a coma in a zombie apocalypse.
Disney sidekicks are 'bound' to their masters.
The Disney Princesses are a smash hit girl group.
Disney Fairies, Hunger Games AU
Any/Various: Sexy sorority hazing.
Magical symbolic tattoos AU.
Any, incest, genetic sexual attraction
Any, f/f, feudal lord/handmaiden
Any, polyamory
Any, character meets a Dragon Age demon
Any, "The road to happily ever after is paved with many obstacles."
Any, a princess is rescued by her true love: her fellow princess
Any, Hogwarts AU.
Mad Max: Fury Road fusion
Any, racebend
Steven Universe fusion
Suicide Squad AU
Any, the prince is a trans woman
Any, Hero(ine)Villain(ess), top!hero, demanding bottom!villain
Any, the villain's side of the story
Any, caregiver AU
The princesses have scars, it doesn't stop them getting their happy endings.
Any, language barriers.
Anthro characters acting like actual animals.
Any, astrological AU
Various, league of queens, warrior!princesses.
Steven Universe AU
The villain is a good guy, who helps the hero